Thursday, March 3, 2011

"All About Merritt"

All About Merritt

      Ahhhh the things that she does! So Merritt has gotten REALLY into listening to New Kids on the Block over the past couple of months! It's my fault really. I DVRed the "Coming Home" concert and played it a couple of times.................. ok ok several times..................well........... I played it a lot. So now Merritt insist on having it or their old videos on the TV at all times. Oh and did I mention that NO ONE can be in the room with her while she watches? She wants to be able to sing and dance along. (Casey thinks I should set up a camera, stay tuned)
     So I am in the sewing room working and she is in the living room with her "sparkle shoes" on, her coat (because Jordan has one on) and Chandler's clip on tie (because Donnie has one on). The other day she told Nanny she had a boyfriend...... his name is Donnie! During the "Cover Girl" video she actually kisses the screen when he is on there! She also watches "Blue Bloods" with me every Friday night and says "Theres Donnie" like every 10 seconds!
I can say this.... she has excellent taste!!

     It is getting to the point that I need to keep a daily log of the things that she says. This morning I came out of the bedroom ready to go on a fabric run and she says "Oh no! You can't wear that. It's not cute." She walked over to my closet and looked up at the shirts, put her hand on one and said "I probably like this." That is how my day started. I was dressed by a two year old. : | 

Merritt is a very girly girl and loves to try on clothes and wear jewelry. She looks just like her Daddy, but unfortunately she has my attitude! So there is something I could write about everyday. She keeps us all in check and knows more at 2 than Eric or myself ever will!