Sunday, November 7, 2010

Meet Me on Monday

Carla here from Dream a Little Dream! We are new bloggers and stubbled across "Meet Me on Monday" It looked like so much fun!! I hope I have done this right hehe! So here we go....


1.  What is your favorite kind of pie?  Apple Pie!
2.  Have you ever ran out of gas in the car you were driving?  No... My DH makes sure of that.
3.  How many languages do you speak?  Only one... English
4.  Do you take daily vitamins?  I always try to remember it.
5.  What is your worst eating habit?  I absolutly LOVE cheese dip, but my waistline HATES it!


  1. Hi, I am a new follower from Meet Me on Monday. Love the little santa dress and Mickey!

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  8. OMG the Mickey outfit is too cute! I'm such a huge Disney fan!

    Mmmmm, cheese dip! I'm terrible with stuff like that too... Chips and Ranch dip gave me the hips I have today! LOL