Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Latest News From Dream a Little Dream

Busy as always here at Dream A Little Dream! We launched our website last week and we could not be more excited :) We have gotten a great response so far and we hope everyone is enjoying looking at it and shopping there with us. We are adding items to it weekly and hopefully it will be very full in the weeks ahead. We encourage you to visit our website and browse around. While you are there please sign our guestbook.

Dream a Little Dream Online

We had a wonderful time celebrating Halloween this week. Casey spent the entire weekend making a Perry the Platypus costume for Wyatt and taking up and altering Princess Merritt's costume. We even had to do a little tweeking on Chandler's. Here are some pictures of our little monsters. We love them to pieces :)

The Best of Friends...most of the time :)

Wyatt had fun Trick OR Treating as Agent P (also known as Perry the Platypus)

Princess Merritt!

Chandler and Merritt ready to go!

With Halloween over and done with and most of the Mr and Miss Turkey tees shipped out, we are ready to start playing Christmas music in the shop. This week's Tee Shirt Tuesday special was our Gingerbread Tees. Perfect for girls and boys and guess what?? They offer another great look for those Brown&White PolkaDot Ruffle Pants and Brown Cords that you all bought for Fall! So keep those brown pants out and order your Little Dream a Gingerbread tee for the holidays.

One of the most exciting things that we have done this past week is our *Dream Girl* Logo Tee. This shirt is available on our website and looks great paired with the Pink&White PolkaDot Ruffle Pants. We are so proud of our logo and the new tee. Carla did a great job capturing the perfect expression on our little DREAM GIRL.

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