Friday, January 20, 2012

I've Got An Itch!

I have found that making a One Of A Kind item is like an itch that I have to scratch.  When I get the itch it absolutely consumes me and I can't sleep.  When I go to bed my mind goes to work.  My subconscious is busy with plans, placement and fabric colors.  There is simply nothing that I can do except take a break from day to day orders and put some TLC and quite a few hours into a OOAK creation.  I love it :)  I love the whole process (even though most of the time my sleep is  Me and Carla usually go back and forth with ideas, make sketches and pull fabric.  It is such fun for us! 

Most of our designs are intended for reproduction.  We try to keep in mind that we will most likely be recreating a design many times so we don't want to get to complex with it.  This limits us just a little bit when it comes to our creativity.  This is why getting to create a OOAK is so special to me.  It gives us a chance to let it all go.  No rules apply.  We can take as much time with a piece as we want and make it anything that we want.

I posted on our Facebook fan page a day or so ago that we would be offering another OOAK dress for auction. The auction will be Thursday the 26th.  I also hope to have a couple of limited edition outfits available as well.  We will be previewing these items over the weekend and into the beginning of next week.  Please check our Facebook page periodically to see these new designs and stay tuned in on Thursday if you plan to bid/purchase.

Until then here are a few of our One Of A Kind Creations that we have made in the past.  I regret not taking pictures of some of my past work.  I have always enjoyed "over the top" sewing even for myself :) 

 Here is a OOAK dress that we made for the winner of a Referral Contest.  This one was for Addi.  We met Addi and her mom, Misty through DREAM.  We have been so fortunate to have met many new friends along the way.  Misty is very special to us and we are so lucky to have her and her sweet family as friends.  Some of you may have met Misty at The Fiddler's Convention this past fall.  She was gracious enough to come and help us with our booth.  She was a big help to us and we love her so much. 

ROLL TIDE!!  This OOAK dress was made for the winner of another of our Giveaways.  Robyn won the contest for a custom OOAK.  I told her we wanted to do a themed dress so she gave me some of her ideas.  One of which was Alabama football.  Of course I jumped on the opportunity to do a BAMA themed dress.  Me and Carla got our heads together and spent several days making this dress.  It is still one of my favorite things that we have ever made :)

This is a Christmas themed OOAK dress that we auctioned off at the end of last year.  We were so happy to present it as our first ever auctioned item.

Another look with matching pants.

This was such an honor to do.  Heather who is another customer who has become a friend asked us to turn her husband's ACU into an outfit for her daughter Lily.  Lily surprised her daddy after a long deployment in this special outfit.  I am so glad Heather's husband is back and her family is reunited.

Here is a OOAK dress that we sold at a show.  We call this a Kaleidoscope Dress because of the huge assortment of colors.

The back of the dress (*modeled by Merritt of course*)

As always thanks for taking the time to look at our blog.  We appreciate you all so much.  If you have any questions you can always contact us through Facebook or email. 

 Have a great weekend!!  -Casey

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